About Pet Insurance

How it Can Help You and Your Pet

The next time you’re faced with an unexpected vet bill, you won’t have to worry about borrowing money, using high-interest credit cards or worse, choosing euthanasia because there’s no help to pay the bill. With Pets Best on your side you can follow your veterinarian’s recommend course of treatment without having to worry about breaking the bank.

You can insure your pet for less than $1 per day – get an instant quote to see pricing for your pet!

Pet insurance is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Pets Best

1. Get Treatment
When your pet becomes ill or injured, take them to any licensed veterinarian of your choice anywhere in the world!

2. File A Claim
Pay your vet and then submit a claim. No need to send us medical records unless we ask for them.

3. Get Reimbursed
Get reimbursed on average in just two days! We’ll reimburse up to 100% of your actual vet bill after an annual deductible.

Pet insurance makes sense

Purchasing an insurance plan from Pets Best is a great way to ensure you can afford the best veterinary care as soon as your pet needs it – not years from today.


When to insure your pet

It’s important to insure your pet when it’s still healthy, because no pet insurance plan covers pre-existing conditions. Insuring your pets at a young age helps guarantee that the majority of your pet’s illnesses will be covered.

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